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Despite the lack of concrete government …

Despite the lack of concrete government initiative, Nepal has become the fourth largest ginger producer in the world mainly due to commercialization of ginger on the initiatives of farmers themselves.

“Nepal has become the fourth largest ginger producer in the world, producing 158,000 tons during 2008. Despite the government’s low priority, ginger production across the country is encouraging. This is all because of the farmers,” said Dr Hari Dahal, spokesperson of MoAC. He also said the government has no specific program to boost ginger production except the Ginger Development Program being implemented through the Nepal Agriculture Research Council – the state-owned agriculture research body.

India, China and Indonesia are the top three ginger producers in the world, producing 420,000 tons, 285,000 tons and 177,000 tons respectively during 2008, according to – a portal that records the ‘top five of anything’ in the world.

According to MoAC, production of ginger climbed to 190,544 tons in 16,788 hectares of land during fiscal year 2009/10. As per the existing market price of about Rs 51 per kg, Nepal is producing gingers worth Rs 9.21 billion every year.

During 2008/09, Nepal produced 178,988 tons of gingers and exported ginger worth Rs 1.37 billion – about 99 percent of total production to India. The country, however, imported gingers worth Rs 550 million during the period.

“Nepal can become the third largest ginger producing country within a couple of years if the government comes up with special programs to boost production and strengthen market access,” Dahal said.

Ilam, Palpa, Salyan, Doti, Morang, Kailali, Surkhet and Syangja are the major ginger producing districts.