Govt eases allowance distribution for eldery

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance has said that the government is planning to provide allowance to the elderly people and the widows through the banking channel directly. The government is providing the allowance, under the social security, to the elderly people and widows from the VDC offices.

Releasing a study report on effectiveness of the social security allowance in Nepal, he said the elderly people need not to go to their VDC offices to receive the allowance given at three month intervals as they will be provided with the allowance in their own bank account.

Adhikari also said that all widows will get the allowance from this year irrespective of their age. Up to the last fiscal year, the widows of sixty years above were given the allowance.

State Minister for Local Development Shatrughan Mahato said the VDC secretaries were fond of dillydallying to distribute the allowance to the elderly people.

Source: RSS