Miss Nepal 2011

Brimming with confidence and oozing intelligence Malina Joshi sashayed her way to the prestigious Miss Nepal 2011 title beating 18 other gorgeous contenders on a cloudy evening in the Tribhuvan Army Officers’ Club in Kathmandu on Tuesday.

In a glitzy ceremony replete with glamour, beauty, talent, personality and poise, the much awaited Lux Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2011 unfolded to a packed audience. Suspense was in the air as the ceremony progressed to a resounding climax with the crowning of the brand new Miss Nepal.

Anupama Aura Gurung missed the title by a whisker to settle for first runner up. The second runner up place went to Sarina Maskey while Manisha Bista bagged the third runner up status. Neha Paudel finished as the fourth runner up.

Among the numerous other titles awarded, Anupama Aura Gurung walked away with Sunsilk Miss Beautiful Hair. Fair & Lovely Miss Beautiful Complexion went to Neeta Yogi. Manisha Bista captured Ganapati Miss Photogenic, Namrata Dahal glowed as Orbit Miss Personality, Hidden Treasure Miss Talent chose Bishnu Chemjong, Pratibha Shrestha dazzled as Close Up Miss Beautiful Smile, Annapurna Post Miss Popular Choice was bestowed on Neha Paudel and Madina Begum stood tall as Model Global Miss Perseverance.

Outgoing Miss Nepal 2010 Sadiccha Shrestha placed the crown on her brand new successor to deafening applause.

Miss Nepal 2011: Malina Joshi

1st Runner Up: Anupama Aura Gurung

2nd Runner Up: Sarina Maskey

3rd Runner Up: Manisha Bista

4th Runner Up: Neha Paudel

Sunsilk Miss Beautiful Hair: Anupama Aura Gurung

Fair & Lovely Miss Beautiful Complexion: Neeta Yogi

Ganapati Miss Photogenic : Manisha Bista

Orbit Miss Personality: Namrata Dahal

Hidden Treasure Miss Talent : Bishnu Chemjong

Close Up Miss Beautiful Smile : Pratibha Shrestha

Annapurna Post Miss Popular Choice: Neha Paudel

Model Global Miss Perseverance : Madina Begum
source:the himalayan times