Paras Shah’s shooting story

It’s not new that Paras Shah would create trouble when he reaches in hotels as many previous incidents indicate the fact. However, many incidents had not come into light as he was the Crown prince of the country. But, fact has changed and now he has turned in a civilian, but his gruesome tendency is yet to be changed.

Despite being a civilian, former monarch including Paras has been reaching into the people pretending that they are still in royal palace. An alleged incident occurred on last Friday has also clearly hinted that former crown prince has not changed into civilian but trying to keep alive his old act whatever he did in the capacity of former prince.

According the source, former crown prince Paras Shah had allegedly fired shots in the air and threatened the daughter and son-in-law of Sujata Koirala, the only daughter of the stalwart nation figure late Girija Prashad Koirala, in a jungle resort in Chitwan on Friday night.

In late evening of that day Rubel Choudhary, the son-in-law of deputy Prime Minister and foreign Minister Sujata Koirala reached in the hotel with his wife, one-year-old son and few friends, where former Prince Paras, his wife Himani their two children and cousin Adarsh Shah were already there.

When the Choudhary reached at the bar of the hotel Paras and his cousin Adarsh joined him introduced themselves and tried to engage them into a discussion on political issue of Nepal. However, Choudhary hadn’t shown interest to have discussion stating that he has no interest in politic. Rightly after his refusal, Paras began to blame the Koirala family for abolition of monarchy, claims a police source in Kathmandu elaborating the incident.

Former Prince Paras was sufficiently inebriated at that time and soughed excuse requesting Choudhary. It is also said that he was also urging him to accompany to the midnight safari in the nearby jungle.When Choudhary vehemently declined to accompain in the midnight safari Paras whipped out his Colt revolver and began brandishing it at them, claims the sources.

After the firing, security personnel and the employee of the hotel intervened and escorted the Choudhary family. Paras began drinking even after the incident took place at the same bar.

Source: RSS