Trucks ply at Timure

With the construction of the Syafrubesi-Rasuwagadhi International Kerung Transit Point reaching its final phase, the trucks carrying consumptive goods from Kathmandu and Trushuli are plying to Timure, which is about 150 km north from Kathmandu.

Daily essential goods such as salt, oil, lentils, rice, and gas, among others have been made available in a convenient manner and reasonable price, after the loaded vehicles reach Timure from major commercial hubs, informed Komi Nurpu Tamang, a local.

It has now become easier and accessible for the locals of Timure and the adjoining villages like Khaindi, Ghattekhola and Dalgaun area of Thuman, to purchase daily food items.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Army (NA) deputed for the security of Langtang National Park has brought the checking machine in use to scrutinize illegal goods if are being smuggled via the Pasang Lyamu route.

Source: RSS