Chhath concludes with rising sun

All the rituals affiliated to the Chhath festival came to an end on the fourth day of celebrations early this morning with the fast-observers and others offering “argha” to the rising Sun.

After the offering to the Sun god, the fast-observers take the Prasad and thereby break their fast known locally as ‘Paran’.Strict observers of the festival take a fast for the four days, and break it with offerings to Sun god on the morning of the fourth day.

A large number of devotees thronged at Rani Pokhari, Kamal Pokhari, Gaurighat, Bagmati, Bishnumati and other ponds and rivers since early this morning to attend the final day of the four-day-long celebrations in the capital.

It is widely believed that worship ping Sun god helps cure skin-related diseases and also brings the happiness of children, and wealth.

Source: RSS