We want to see Patan of Baitadi developed: Locals

Local stakeholders have begun working to develop Patan of Baitadi as a model town.

This beautiful valley of the far west with settlements on the banks of the Surnaya river was also the old zonal headquarters.

Political party representatives have joined hands to develop it as a model town.

A decision was taken to begin a campaign for developing necessary infrastructure and human resources to develop Patan into a model town, said former DDC Chairman Parmananda Bhatta, after taking part in a discussion between representatives of Maoist, UML and Congress parties and the local stakeholders.

The meeting also decided to exert pressure on the government for resuming operation of the Patan airport and completion of the under-construction Patan-Pancheswar road.

The political parties would also take the initiative to establish the Patan Technical School, which has been mentioned in the policy and programs of the Government but no budget has been allocated for it.

A meeting would take place tomorrow again to give final shape to the decision of the all-sides meeting and also take necessary steps for the proposed Patan Municipality, Bhatta said.

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